Dream Island | Chapman Taylor | Moscow, Russia

The redevelopment of the Soviet-era Nagatino Park in central Moscow, Dream Island is designed as the first large-scale leisure destination in Russia, expected to be visited by 50 million people annually. In addition to a large indoor amusement park, the riverfront scheme provides a regional shopping centre, outdoor leisure facilities, a 400-key 4-Star hotel, a concert hall, a yacht club, and many F&B offers.

Architecturally the building expresses its very purpose of amusing children by appearing as a 'wonderland'. The concept design is loosely related to historic Kremlin architecture that can be found in many ancient Russian cities. It is also inspired by imposing Gothic buildings of Western Europe.
The development is currently being constructed with full support from both the government and the public.

Images have been released which show the extraordinary Dream Island development in Moscow taking shape on site.
Construction on the project, which is creating the world’s largest indoor theme park, is now approaching completion, with the development expected to open in the second half of 2019. news via chapmantaylor.com