Icha Chateau | Shanghai | China


Architecture firm Spacemen, have recently completed Icha Chateau, a modern restaurant located within a mid-19th century colonial heritage building in Shanghai, China.

A sculptural brass cage, that lights up at night, has been integrated into the facade of the building and provides a glimpse into the restaurant.

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Contrasting with the exterior which has mostly been left intact due to historic preservation guidelines, the interior has been completely transformed.

The client’s research team, en route to one of their tea plantations, were so captivated by the serene beauty and picturesque scenes of the endless tea fields that they sought to embody that charm into the restaurant’s design.

Approximately 114,000 feet (35,000 meters) of gold chains in 3 different shades were used to create undulating sculpture-like layers. Each layer was designed to mimic the mountainous tea fields and to form niches for patrons with a need for privacy.


Other materials such as grey terrazzo, matte black stained timber, and grey upholstery fabrics provide a sleek contrast to layers of chains, which have also been used to concealing lighting, speakers, sprinklers, cameras, and service doors.


Photography by Chen Xuan, Min 
Architects: Spacemen 
Lead Architects: Edward Tan
Team : Kyan Foo, Raymond Tang, Ed Chan, Simon Liu